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The Baha'i Nineteen Day Feasts 

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The Baha'i Feasts

Each Baha'i month, named after an attribute of God, begins with a Feast.

There are 19 months of 19 days in a Baha'i year

Feast Baha'i Month English Translation Date
1st Baha Splendor March 21
2nd Jalal Glory April 9
3rd Jamal Beauty April 28
4th 'Azamat Grandeur May 17
5th Nur Light June 5
6th Rahmat Mercy June 24
7th Kalimat Words July 13
8th Kamal Perfection August 1
9th Asma' Names August 20
10th 'Izzat Might September 8
11th Mashiyyat Will September 27
12th 'Ilm Knowledge October 16
13th Qudrat Power November 4
14th Qawl Speech November 23
15th Masa'il Questions December 12
16th Sharaf Honor December 31
17th Sultan Sovereignty January 19
18th Mulk Dominion February 7
19th 'Ala' Loftiness March 2

Ayyam-i-Ha (Intercalary Days) runs from February 26-March 1 inclusive.
There are four in ordinary and five in leap years.


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